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Sean P. Garred

M. Ed., LPC, CRC
Licensed Psychologist

150 West DuBois Avenue Suite B
DuBois, PA 15801

Behavioral Specialist Consultant / Expanded Mobile Therapist - Children

“Behavioral Specialist Consultants" (BSC) are trained in behavior management and assist children who have been diagnosed with behavior disorders or emotional disturbances.  Children with behavior disorders demonstrate physical and verbal aggression toward peers and adults consistently, requiring a behavior plan from a behavior specialist.

What Behavioral Specialists Do

A BSC provides specific behavioral evaluations and treatment plans for children with behavior problems.  A BSC collaborates with regular and special education teachers, school, psychologists, counselors, and caretakers to determine whether the child has patterned behavior problems.  If the child is diagnosed with a behavior disorder, the BSC writes a behavior intervention plan.  The BSC will then monitor and manage the child's behavior in different settings, such as at school and at home, according to the Vocational & Psychological Services website.  

Education and Training: Behavioral Specialist Consultants usually have a master's or doctoral degrees in applied behavior studies or psychology, special education, or human development with an emphasis in applied behavioral studies.  BSC training consists of learning how to administer behavioral assessments, diagnose behavior disorders, and design effective behavior intervention plans.